February 24, 2008

Are we crazy?

It's a rainy Sunday, I decided to go to work for a bit. Guess who else had the same great idea? Wendy. She will be replacing me as the Executive Director of the Escondido Arts Partnership. I resigned to be able to get a much needed break. Someday I'll come back to volunteer.

Wendy will be great Executive Director, she's hard working and very dedicated, today is a perfect example, she's in the office with the flu on a Sunday with me. Are we crazy? Probably but work has to be done. Our biggest fundraiser, Panache is less than a week away. For details, check out the EAP website: http://www.escondidoarts.org/

February 23, 2008

Goodbye dear friend

Today, I said goodbye to a mentor and dear friend, Dick Manning. He was a special person and I will miss him terribly. I don't think I will be able to go to a diner without thinking about him. We spent a lot of time having lunch at some of Escondido's notables such as Champions and Charlies. I'm grateful I had a chance to know him.

February 22, 2008

Old News

These pictures were taken the evening of September 22 when wild beasts came to our door and helped themselves.

A month later ... in the early hours of October 22 my life as I knew it turned upside down.
Our friends called to let us know about their narrow escape from the inferno and that they witnessed firsthand the destruction of our home. It didn't sink in for a long time. sometimes I still can't believe it.

I tried to get back to normal as soon as I could but I soon realized that I don't have an idea what normal is... it's been four months but now it seems like a lifetime ago. I look forward to living a great life with my family. We are thankful for everything we have...wonderful friends, our pictures (we were able to save boxes of them), our health and of course each other.

this is a picture of my daughter on her first of school this past September.