March 26, 2012

Working It!

I've been busy working on a new series of work for my new show at The HVR Art Ranch.

An Occasional Treat

Once in a while I like to live it up.... I had scheduled my annual lab work, which meant I had to  skip breakfast at home,  go to the lab to get blood drawn and then I went to one of my favorite San Diego hangout, Bread and Cie for a double non-fat latte and chocolate eclair.   

It was decadent, delicious and totally guilt-free.  

Life is good.

March 6, 2012


There are times when I feel fragmented.

Since my work is very much a reflection of my world... it shows.

These are images of some of the details on a large painting.  These fragments together may not work as a whole.  But there's definitely parts I love.  Just like my life right now. 

 Life is chaotic.