February 14, 2011

An Itty Bitty, Itsy Bitsy, Teeny Weenie Exhibition

4" x 4" mixed media on cradled panel

One of my tiny pieces of work in the new exhibition at the Escondido Municipal Gallery on view until February 26, 2011

All sales proceeds from my exhibition will be donated to The Escondido Arts Partnership, a non-profit organization that promotes and support the arts for the city.

February 7, 2011

Sketchbook 2011 Project

I signed up for this projects months ago... and forgot all about it until it was almost due. I had a about 2 weeks to fill up my pages. It had to be postmarked by January 15th.

Luckily for me...due to the weather problems in various places ...they extended the deadline to January 18th, the three days extra days was needed. I mailed it on the 18th. Now I'm just waiting for notification that they received it.

The east coast has been hit with so much snow ...is it a cause of worry? YES!
In all the rush to meet my deadline , I didn't get a chance to photograph the my pages. But I had the foresight to order the digital version. Hopefully they received it and I will have something to share.

More details about this project.... http://arthousecoop.com/projects/sketchbookproject