February 3, 2009

Deadlines Inspire

I just had a very productive week. I had so many unfinished work just hanging around waiting for more material and inspiration. Deadlines somehow induces either total frustration or glorious inspiration. Thankfully this week it was the latter.

Since the fire, I've been working only on small pieces because I didn't have the space to work. I like the looseness of a large work surface. Small pieces are sometimes far more difficult for me. But sometimes you have to just make lemonade out of lemons.

When working small, I start one piece and would quickly be stymied. I would put it aside and start another and same thing would happen. I ended up with about 100 pieces of work in process. Thankfully they were small but it was still a real problem. I just could not justify buying more paper or canvas unless I completed some of them.

Then came the invitation to two shows, The 2009 Florence Biennual and a small group show in New York, which meant deadlines. I needed this. I went into my manic mode and painted and created like a crazy woman.

I decided to try to postpone the Florence, Italy exhibition for the 2011. They said they would keep my contact information but we'll see. I just couldn't justify spending the money for the entry fee. It didn't make sense to pay an entry fee to an invitational show. I'm still hoping for an international show maybe by next year. I wished the economy would pick up.

I am doing the group show, I only needed five pieces for that. Check out the photos on Facebook or Flickr and help me decide which pieces I should send.

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