February 20, 2012

Art Ranch - The Beginning

Once there was a house, then a fire, now a place for ART...

The HVR Art Ranch was conceived from an idea while working at the Escondido Arts Partnership. The Idea was shelved for awhile, keeping my focus on the job at hand. Then the wildfires of 2007 in San Diego happened. My house was a victim. Rebuilding our home became the focus. But somewhere in the background was that idea of the Art Ranch. A place for creating and making art, showcasing artists and art itself.

Four years later... the house is built. The design is an open loft-like space in the country. The walls were planned as per gallery specs, expansive to accommodate large paintings or multiple collections of small ones. The outdoor spaces will someday be a showcase of large scale sculptures in all mediums.

The future plans for studios are in the works. Our ultimate dream would be to create a retreat for a community of artists.

The Highland Valley Road (HVR) Art Ranch is our newborn child. It will take a community to raise this child. Let me know if you are interested in being part of the community.

Here's a selection of images of the ranch.