March 29, 2008

The studio

I just spent the last two weeks cleaning up the garage and organizing the space as my new studio. As you can see I'm already accumulating STUFF. Once a pack rat always a pack rat. I like to think of all of it as art supplies.

I'm happy to say that I'm already making use of the space. I haven't slept much but I'm not complaining. I'm also helping a mom from one of Explorer's fifth grade class with a class project. It's a collage of students portraits that will be auctioned for their fundraising event " Art from the Heart". It's a wonderful event for a good cause.

On the wall are a few of the paintings I'm working on, I hope to do a series of 20" x 20"paintings and a larger piece for a future show. It's an idea of using the size to represent the 20/20 hindsight theory seeing the "bigger picture". It's very simplistic and that's the idea. Is it too much?


Ted Sherarts said...

Your studio burned? Good luck in starting over. Maybe adversity will deal you some good surpises.

Victoria Estacio Huckins said...

Thanks Ted. I hope so.

Plain Jane said...

oooo, I loved seeing your 20x20s up on the wall. gorgeous! glad you've got a studio to work in!