March 12, 2009

Exploring recycling inspired art

I'm a great believer in saving the environment. The job seems gigantic at times and we just have to plug along and do what what we can.  

My daughter attends a wonderful charter school, Explorer Elementary, where the community of parents, students and faculty have worked together to help with this endeavor.  Her class and I have been busy working on an art project for the annual fundraising auction with this objective in mind.

The description for our project: 
The earth is a treasure box of wonderful materials that should not be wasted.  This conceptual art piece focuses on being earth friendly.  The class construction a sculpture- a giant beaded jewel bracelet with its own storage box made from surplus wood, boxes, bottlecaps, recycled paper (that we hand painted), and even a hubcap a student found.

The event is on March 28 and I hope the auction goes well and we raise a lot of money.  


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