March 17, 2009

More Plastic Bag Art

Another project I've been working on is weaving plastic bags on a cardboard loom.  This started because I was researching projects for my daughter's class.  She's in fourth grade which means there's been a focus on Native American this year.

We created baskets with pine needles and raffia and I thought that we should also weave with a rug on a loom, cardboard looms are the least expensive way to go.  I try to do the projects before I teach so that I could work out the process before I get in front of 24 kids.  

I wanted to inject some color to the project by adding what I have laying around.  Remember I picked up several boxes of paper clips.  I have to admit that I went back to the dollar store and cleaned them up on the paper clips.  I need restocking right now.


Jaime Lyerly said...

I would love to hear how you would make a cardboard loom and use it. Sounds very eco-friendly and fun. Can you post some directions?

Victoria Estacio Huckins said...

jaime, i will try to post tutorial after i work out the details. thanks for your comment.

lisa bebi said...

how do you get the plastic bags to looks so soft and yarn-like. i have reaad online about ironing them first.