March 16, 2009

Low Cost Art

I have a confession.  I love going to the dollar store.  Occasionally I have this itch to spend some money but since the economy is in this state.  I don't have oodles of cash for shopping. Besides, I don't really need anything, I just want to spend a little.  

During my last visit at my local dollar store I spotted boxes of colorful paper clips.  Can you imagine 300 really cool paper clips for one buck.  I couldn't resist.  I picked up several boxes.  I have two kids and we're always looking for paper clips. Plus I was sure I wanted to do an art piece with them.   The colors were great.  

This is one way I used the paper clips.   I'm weaving it into my plastic bag baskets.  

I love the dollar store.  I'll be posting more pics of all the other uses I have for this very common item.

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